Business-Minded Causes

Sustainable Impact

A business-minded cause is committed to stewardship and sustainability and intentionally develops an empowering culture where everyone in the organization feels their role is to encourage lives of self-sufficiency.

The Cedar Gate partners with causes helping them develop business-minded strategies for success. We believe causes that embrace a business-minded approach are more likely to achieve long-term sustainability. Great causes are focused on empowering those they serve and equipping them for self-sufficiency.

Certainly, relief and aid should be provided to those in need during times of personal crisis and natural disaster. Nonetheless, the best causes have come to realize helping must not lead to dependency. The goal is a hand up not a hand out. Helping can actually hurt if those in need never progress on their own. Short term assistance that leads to long term dependency is devastating to self-esteem, independence and dignity.

The challenge for cause-minded companies, and others wanting to partner with a well-intended cause, is knowing if the cause is truly moving the needle. Are they making a difference? Do they share like-minded values? Does the cause align with the partners’ calling and purpose?

When causes operate with a business-minded approach, the results speak for themselves. Seeing business-minded causes and cause-minded businesses come together for exponential impact is what The Cedar Gate is all about!

Stewardship & Sustainability

What is a business-minded cause?

what is a business-minded cause?

A business-minded cause is committed to stewardship and sustainability and intentionally develops an empowering culture where everyone in the organization feels their role is to encourage lives of self-sufficiency.

Being a business-minded cause goes far beyond sound financial practices, good housekeeping seals of approval and an appealing IRS 990 Report. A business-minded cause is committed to true stewardship and sustainability.

A business-minded cause seeks partners who are committed to raising awareness, participating in and funding the organization. A business-minded cause produces a strong return on impact (ROI).

Top 3 Reasons A Business-Minded Cause Makes Sense
Donors Want Results

Supporters want to know their contributions are making a real difference. It is a matter good stewardship and accountability. Donors want to know their contributions are getting results.

Companies Want To Do More Than Give

Being a good corporate citizen has become the standard for good business. Corporations have discovered that employees and customers alike are willing to reward companies with loyalty when they know a company is giving back. Companies are looking for causes to help them make deeper connections with customers and employees. They want to partner with causes that help them involve customers and employees with the causes they support.  

Empowering People Provides Exponential Impact

The old saying still rings true, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Causes that empower people to live independently reap the rewards of their efforts.

Three Ways We Partner With Causes

Throughout the year The Cedar Gate hosts gatherings with leaders of cause-minded companies. These business leaders participate in experiences where best practices for operating a cause-minded business are shared.

On a very selective basis, The Cedar Gate provides opportunities for business-minded causes to interact with cause-minded business leaders. Cause-minded businesses enjoy hearing how business-minded causes are accomplishing exponential impact.

One of the best ways to gain new ideas is from those who are succeeding. The Cedar Gate has built a strong network of business-minded causes that are making a world of difference. 

Throughout the year The Cedar Gate provides a variety of opportunities to get involved with one-day leader gatherings that facilitate connections and conversations among business-minded causes. During the gathering, organizations share ideas and insights they have found to be successful and sustainable.

The Cedar Gate works very intentionally to help empower the causes we have come to trust. We constantly look for ways to help raise awareness and financial support for our ministry partners. Throughout the year we are happy to host fundraising celebrations and special gatherings on behalf of and in partnership with our preferred causes.

At the end of the day, doing the good work takes a good amount of money. The Cedar Gate loves to get behind the work of business-minded causes.

Many causes have discovered The Cedar Gate provides a unique and wonderful setting for inspiring up to 200 guests at a time.

We will gladly work with you to plan and promote your fundraising celebration. We want to help you meet your goals. Rather than establish a set fee, The Cedar Gate works with your organization to determine a minimum charge based on how well the celebration generates funding. We see this as our way of partnering with you to ensure your efforts are a success.

The purpose of The Cedar Gate is never more evident than when our partners are hosting a gathering or utilizing The Cedar Gate to further their calling.