Strategic Partnerships

Partnering With You

At The Cedar Gate, we have a strong desire to work with like-minded ministries and organizations who would benefit from the use of our venues. There are times throughout the year when our venues are not being utilized. During those times The Cedar Gate is proud to host our Gatekeeper Network Members and other organizations who are using their influence to make a difference in the world.

In fact, in the spirit of cooperation we are willing to cover the cost for the venues during your private gathering. The only expense you would incur would be for catering and other non-venue related expenses. We simply encourage you to join the Gatekeeper Network and consider paying forward the benefit at whatever amount you desire in order that others might also take advantage of the opportunity. We also ask that you provide us an opportunity to provide a brief Cedar Gate Greeting to your group as we share our vision and encourage leaders to live out a purpose-driven life at home and work!

We are happy to discuss your needs and whether your ministry or organization would qualify as one of our strategic partners.

Please refer to the Venues section of our website for additional information regarding the utilization of The Cedar Gate.

We are also happy to share how your financial partnership could be tax deductible through the work of our nonprofit, For Generations.

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