Stay in Rustic Luxury

— VIP Lodging and Meals —

During your Warrior Poet class October 11 – 14, enjoy a VIP stay at The Cedar Gate.

Whole Cabin

Have a cabin to yourself or rent one with a few friends to divide the cost——don’t worry, we have the room!

Outfitted with two king beds, two twins, and a pull-out, each of our five cabins can comfortably sleep up to five individuals. Or, one king suite up on the ground floor and one upstairs allow for two individuals to stay in privacy. A full equipped kitchen and relaxing living space will make your stay comfortable while two full bathrooms give the cabin privacy and breathing room. Welcome to your new favorite home away from home.

Cabin Suite

Just you coming out? Share a cabin with one other individual from the training. You will have either the upstairs or downstairs level to yourself with a private bathroom. Kitchen and living spaces are shared.


The Bunkhouse is our ultimate man cave——capable of sleeping 10 people and outfitted with a fully equipped kitchen, comfortable living space, and a restroom through saloon doors that holds two showers, two toilets, and an elongated sink with three facet heads.


Our private chef will be catering full course meals during the event. One day of meals includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Training Liability Waiver

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