Intro to long range shooting
This course is designed to teach the shooter the foundational principles necessary to confidently engage targets out to a 1000yds+ and beyond.
We believe that the best instructors not only have a superior level of knowledge and experience in shooting but have the heart of a teacher as well.


All U.S citizens ages 18 and up that are legally allowed to own/purchase/possess a firearm. Minors are not permitted.




External Environmental Variables

  • Barometric Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Wind


Target Image Anomalies

  •  Snell’s Law
  • Shadow Affect
  • Mirage



Calculating the shot

  • Establishing a shooting position
  • Ranging the target
  • Determining the shooting angle
  • Recording Environmental conditions
  • Calculating the wind
  • Creating the shooting solution


Download one of the ballistic apps mentioned in the course outline and familiarize yourself with the manual.  (Don’t spend a lot of time on this, we will go over in detail during class time)

EQUIPMENT LIST (What to Bring):


  • 100rds match grade ammo.  Read about our handload policy here.  (See page titled handload link)


  • A precision rifle capable of shooting at least 1moa groups at 100 yds.
  • A repeatable magnified optic with exposed target-style turrets. (Bring your manual and tools)
  • A scope bubble level. (We can help install in class if necessary)
  • 2x magazines
  • A bipod, capable of left/right cant adjustments
  • Shooting Mat
  • Rear shooting support
  • Rifle cleaning kit
  • Notebook with pen, pencil and black sharpie
  • Wind Meter
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection 


  • Laser rangefinder
  • Spotting scope
  • Shooting tripod
  • Binoculars


  • Toiletries (what you would take if you were staying at a hotel)




Handload link

We’re human and we make mistakes and sometimes that can be with our rifles, scopes and ammo.  Therefore, we have a policy in place so that you know where we stand on these issues.



If you bring your own handloaded ammunition to our facility and use them in class you are responsible for the safety, reliability and overall performance of that ammunition.  Safety is our utmost concern for all students and instructors.

So, if that ammunition does not work properly and is unsafe the responsibility falls on you alone.

Here is what we look at to determine if your handloads are safe:

  • Feeds, chambers, extracts and ejects reliably.
  • Constant heavy or sticky bolt lifts are an indication that your ammo is above pressure limits.
  • Seating bullets to jam, therefore requiring the rifle to be fired after a cartridge is chambered to avoid pulling bullets is by our standard unsafe.



We will do a quick inspection of your rifle as well. Our main concern would be a negligent discharge due to an improperly adjusted trigger.  If there are any problems, you will have an opportunity to fix it during class. (bring all necessary tools to work on your rifle and other equipment you bring)


Refund Policy

  • If you cancel 60 or more days before the class date, we will credit your account and enroll you in a class at a future date of your choosing as long as that class has an empty slot.
  • If you cancel after 60 days there is no refund.

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