Is your family legacy in writing? Share your values, ancestry and most important stories at a three day event and then relax as we transcribe them, edit them and publish them in a hardback book and digitally for future generations.


will enrich lives in every generation forward

“I’ve been reading stories from my Legacy Book to my kids and grandkids for the last few weeks.  There are so many stories I thought they knew, and they didn’t! ”

Greg Gunn

“I went through the Legacy Book Camp at The Cedar Gate.  It was one of the most rewarding experiences I have personally completed.  I was intimidated by the thought of trying to write a book.  Where do you start, what do I write and will it be meaningful for the reader?  Randy Allsbury made it simple and easy with his timeline process.  Being able to disconnect from the urgent to connect to the important allowed me to systematically go back thru my life experiences and first of all remember them and second actually record the stories. ”

Rick Wilson (Part 1)

“He who dies with the most toys is not a good legacy plan. What we need to pass on is the values, the vision, the insight and the wisdom that it took to create the valuables and the life lived. We will all leave some kind of inheritance. What kind of legacy will we leave? Don’t procrastinate. We are all busy people. It’s easy, you tell your stories and they record them and publish them.”

David Cheney, ChFC, CLU
Legacy Planning Partners, LLC

“I loved sitting with my Grandma Hunt, listening to her stories of the family. Sadly none were written down. My siblings and I asked my father to put his stories in writing and he managed a page and a half. Thanks to the legacy book journey I’ve been able to put all of my stories in writing.”

Joe Williams
President, The Signatry (Oklahoma Region)

Spring Session


Enjoy the beauty of The Cedar Gate in full bloom as you reveal your story during the Legacy Book Journey


May 10th

thru 12th

Summer Session


The peaceful property of The Cedar Gate will help you focus and reveal your story during the Legacy Book Journey


July 19th

thru 21st

Fall Session


Enjoy the beauty of The Cedar Gate with fall firepit sessions as you reveal your story during the Legacy Book Journey


October 11th

thru 13th