Corporate Retreat


Worldclass Experiences

Located an hour from Oklahoma City, The Cedar Gate is Oklahoma’s premier destination for turning regular events into world class experiences. 

Create an experience

Take your event to the next level with our two 15-station sporting clay courses. The cart path flows with the land to deliver a scenic, experience-focused drive while unique throwing patterns at each station constantly make for a fresh shooting challenge.

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Host in rustic luxury

At 2,500 square feet and outfitted with large capacity restrooms, extensive outdoor patio space, and capable of hosting up to 200 people, The Cedar Gate legacy barn will make your event stand out with expertly designed rustic elegance.

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Are you planning an upcoming fundraiser for your non-profit or ministry? Enter the best place in Oklahoma for transforming routine fundraisers into exciting adventures that will have people itching to attend. 

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Corporate Retreats

Turn your corporate retreat into an experience worth remembering. Outfitted with 5 beautiful rustic cabins, an elegant board room capable of seating 24 people, and complimented with our sportsman’s activities to create memories and inspire connection, The Cedar Gate will turn your company’s retreat into the one-of-a-kind experience you want it to be.


At The Cedar Gate, our members are family. Enjoy VIP accessibility and support for your weekend getaways, ministry fundraisers, and corporate retreats, exlusive access to private, member-only spaces and events, and discounts on all facilities. Give us a call to connect with one of our sales representatives to learn how The Cedar Gate can make your organization be known for world class experiences!

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