Sportsman's Club

World Class Experiences

Take your event to the next level with our two 15-station sporting clay courses. The cart path flows with the land to deliver a scenic, experience-focused drive while unique throwing patterns at each station constantly make for a fresh shooting challenge.

Hoat in Rustic Luxury

Are you planning an upcoming fundraiser for your non-profit or ministry? Enter the best place in Oklahoma for transforming routine fundraisers into exciting adventures that will have people itching to attend. Outfitted with large capacity restrooms and extensive outdoor patio space, our event centers will make your event stand out with expertly designed rustic elegance.

Take your marksmanship to the next level

1,100 Yard Rifle Range

Push your marksmanship limits at 50-yard pistol and rifle range, and our 1,100 yard long-range.

Get Exclusive Access


Enjoy the benefits of our sponsor-exclusive property. Host events in a premier setting, be invited to our quarterly leadership forum and other experiences, and take advantage of opportunities to connect with other like-minded leaders in our network.