Tommie Harris Jr


by Tommie Harris Jr

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Playing Through Life’s Hardest Hits

Circumstances never define you! Your responses do. The stories in this book will inspire you to recognize your true potential. Tommie’s lessons and faith will empower you no matter what may be going wrong. A Must Read!
– Dr. Fab Mancini
International bestselling author

Tommie Harris

Tommie Harris Jr. is a former American football defensive tackle who played eight seasons in the National Football League. He played college football for the University of Oklahoma and was recognized as a consensus All-American twice. The Chicago Bears chose him in the first round of the 2004 NFL Draft. He was a three-time perennial Pro Bowler. After undergoing a long season of personal loss and grief in the years following his time in the NFL, Tommie now pursues his passion of helping others through life’s trials as a speaker, author, and music artist.

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As an international author and speaker born without limbs, I’ve heard countless compelling stories from thousands of people around the world. Many have encouraged me, challenged me, and moved me. Every story is powerful in its own way. But out of them all, there’s few that have inspired me as much as Tommie Harris’s.
That’s why I am so excited for Tommie to share his story with the world in this book—because his story has impacted me.
Every person I’ve ever met has been hit by life in one way or another. Maybe your dreams were shattered. Maybe a close relationship was broken. Maybe you’re carrying childhood wounds. Maybe you lost a loved one. Maybe you were born with a disability like me. Whether big or small we’ve all taken hits, and sometimes, when we’re dazed or blacked out on the ground, what we need the most is not more advice from the stands but someone to run out onto the field with us and grab our hand.
That’s what this book is: Tommie uses his story not to puff himself up, but to get down on his knees with you.
If you’re reeling from pain, this book will steady you.
If you’re worn out and exhausted, this book will renew you.
If you’re afraid to face what you’ve been through, this book will strengthen you.
If you’re lost and don’t know what to do, this book will guide you.
If you’re ready to give up, this book will restore your hope.
Getting to know Tommie has been one of the most encouraging and humbling experiences of my life, and I couldn’t be more excited for you to get to dive into his story with him. You’re about to meet a powerhouse of passion, wisdom, and humor like no one else!
Get ready to be inspired.
Get ready to be challenged.
Get ready to laugh.
Get ready to cry.
Get ready to be transformed like never before.
And most of all, get ready to restore your hope and learn what it takes to endure through any and all of life’s hardest hits.

— Nick Vujicic